Enneagram at Work

114. What Are Signs You Might be a Type 4? EXTRA Enneagram Episode

August 17, 2023 Season 4
Enneagram at Work
114. What Are Signs You Might be a Type 4? EXTRA Enneagram Episode
Show Notes

Have you been struggling to narrow down your dominant Enneagram type?

Maybe you've got it down between a Type 2 and Type 4?

Or possibly a Type 9 and Type 4?

Listen in to this bonus content episode with Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader, MaddyChrisine Hope Brokopp from Tuesday's episode.

This is a short and sweet interview clip that shares MaddyChristine's real-life typing journey to a Type 4, despite initially thinking she was another type.

Learn more about MaddyChristine's work and retreat opportunities:

Catch the full interview inside Ep. 113:

Watch a bonus video clip with MaddyChristine about making a Type 4 feel appreciated at work:

Listen in to the Type 9 interview her husband shared with us previously on the podcast:

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