Enneagram at Work

122. Engage Conference Attendees with these 3 Enneagram Ideas

October 10, 2023 Enneagram MBA
Enneagram at Work
122. Engage Conference Attendees with these 3 Enneagram Ideas
Show Notes

Challenges that attendees may experience at a conference can start as soon as they arrive at the location by having a hard time navigating a new city or finding it difficult to sleep and adjust to a different time zone. 

Those issues aren't as much in your control as some of the others that attendees also describe like: 

  • Awkward networking opportunities 
  • Dealing with nerves of not doing anyone 
  • Feeling like an outcast, not finding "their people"
  • Long-time, returning members are bored with the sessions 
  • Not using what they learned at the conference back at the office  

While the Enneagram can't help with timezone adjustments or getting lost, adding in specific Enneagram activities can help with several of the challenges listed above. 

When you listen into this week's episode, you'll hear about 3 specific ways to fold in the Enneagram into your conference to help with:

  • creating more meaningful (and less awkward) networking opportunities 
  • giving attendees a sense of belonging before they even step foot at the conference providing fresh, fun, and useful content that they'll use during the event and beyond 

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