Enneagram at Work

131. Building Better Relationships at Work Using DiSC with Nancy Marmolejo [Encore Episode]

December 12, 2023 Enneagram MBA
Enneagram at Work
131. Building Better Relationships at Work Using DiSC with Nancy Marmolejo [Encore Episode]
Show Notes

Would you describe your preferred working style as dominating, influencing, steady, or conscientious? Maybe a blend of the two?

The DiSC assessment can complement what you've learned about yourself through the Enneagram by sharing both validating insights and new perspectives about your preferences and tendencies. Like the Enneagram, it should be used for dialogue, not a diagnosis.

To help us jumpstart that conversation and be able to use and apply the DiSC to our own personal growth journey and relationships at work, we have DiSC certified, leadership trainer, and owner of Talent and Genius, Nancy Marmolejo on the show today.

Inside Part 4 of our Personality Assessment Series, you'll learn about what DiSC is and the 4 main styles within the framework:

The D (Dominance) Style prioritizes getting immediate results, taking action, challenging themselves and others and is motivated by power and authority, competition, winning, and success (sound familiar Type 8s and 3s? :) )

The i (Influence) Style prioritizes expressing enthusiasm, taking action, and encouraging collaboration and is motivated by social recognition, group activities, and friendly relationships (Type 7 anyone?))

The S (Steadiness) Style prioritizes giving support, maintaining stability, and enjoying collaboration and is motivated by stable environments, sincere appreciation, cooperation, and opportunities to help (sensing some Type 2, 6, and 9 - What do you think?)

The C (Conscientiousness) Style prioritizes ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions, and is motivated by opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge and attention to quality (hearing some Type 1 and event Type 5 in there?).

The only Enneagram type I didn't see a direct DiSC Style correlation with was the Type 4 (which you probably appreciate :)), but what do you think? Where do you see this energy show up on the DiSC?

And more importantly, where do you see yourself? How does that overlap (or not!) with your Enneagram type?

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