Enneagram at Work

132. The 2024 Enneagram MBA Methodology

December 19, 2023 Season 4
Enneagram at Work
132. The 2024 Enneagram MBA Methodology
Show Notes

Learn about Enneagram MBA's new approach from the Awareness to Action Enneagram method that will impact (and already has started!) both our workshops and the topics we cover on this podcast in 2024. 

When you listen in you'll hear about:

  • my recent certification experience with Awareness to Action (they're opening another round starting in late January 2024)
  • why Enneagram MBA will be following this approach above the others 
  • the 3 key parts of the Awareness to Action approach that allow for both a fun and USEFUL Enneagram experience 
  • what parts of traditional Enneagram teaching we won't be covering in the future and why 

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Check out more about their certification program here.

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