Enneagram at Work

133. Navigate Cross-Department Conflict with this Part of the Enneagram [Instinctual Bias Series]

January 23, 2024 Enneagram MBA Season 5
Enneagram at Work
133. Navigate Cross-Department Conflict with this Part of the Enneagram [Instinctual Bias Series]
Show Notes


"85% of workers experience some form of conflict regularly." - Harvard Business Review

It can be difficult to get along with different groups within your organization that seemingly have competing interests, goals, and personalities. Rather than cooperating, it can turn into competing for power, influence, and limited resources. 

When this happens, companies may turn to team-building events or motivational speakers who talk about trust but nothing substantial will change without first understanding and then addressing the fact that many times these groups face challenges because the organizational structure can be set up almost to encourage these departments to dislike each other. 

In this episode, we're going to use a piece of the Enneagram that's outside of the 9 types to help us better understand the different departments you're working in and with to ideally give you useful insights to better work through those regular cross-department conflicts. 


The Instinctual Bias Overview:
: prioritizes nesting and nurturing
Subcategories - Securing | Well-Being & Resources | Maintenance

Transmitting: prioritizes attracting and bonding
Subcategories - Asserting | Broadcasting/Narrow-casting | Impressing

Navigating: priorities orienting to the group
Subcategories -Trust & Reciprocity | Power/Influence Dynamics | Identity/Status 

The Awareness to Action Enneagram Methodology: https://awarenesstoaction.com/enneagram-resources/the-awareness-to-action-enneagram/

Harvard Business Review article mentioned in the episode:

The 4 questions to help departments better understand each other and work better together: 

  1. What value do we create together?
  2. What do we need from our leadership/organization to deliver that value?
  3. How will we resolve conflicts and make decisions while maintaining trust? 
  4. What do we need from each other to succeed? 

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