Enneagram at Work

137. The 9 Transmitting Types [Instinctual Bias Series]

February 20, 2024 Enneagram MBA Season 5
Enneagram at Work
137. The 9 Transmitting Types [Instinctual Bias Series]
Show Notes

In Part 2 of Transmitters at Work, you'll learn what it looks like when the Transmitting Bias is overlapped with each of the nine types: 

Type 6 - Secure Transmitting
Type 7 - Excited Transmitting
Type 8 - Powerful Transmitting
Type 9 - Peaceful Transmitting
Type 1 - Perfect Transmitting
Type 2 - Connected Transmitting
Type 3- Outstanding Transmitting
Type 4 - Unique Transmitting 
Type 5 - Detached Transmitting 

Listen in to get: 

  • a brief overview of each combination 
  • one common work challenge they may face
  • the leadership style of each subtype 

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